About Us

Kia Ora/ Assalam Alaikum (Greetings of Peace).

Salam New Zealand welcomes and invites you to tour around the beautiful country called New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa which is the Māori name for New Zealand which translates to the “Land of the Long White Cloud”.
We are a “100% Pure New Zealand” company. We are registered under the New Zealand Companies Act which is the law that governs New Zealand businesses. So please be assured and have the peace of mind that we have been vetted and officially incorporated as a legal company by the New Zealand companies office under the name of Salam New Zealand Limited.

We cater for small and large groups, couples,  families, singles, etc in order to make their dreams come true to enjoy New Zealand’s heart-stopping beauty whether it is in urban cities such as Auckland or Wellington or majestic mountains or beautiful clean beaches through out the country. We do our utmost best to ensure that the beauty and attractions of New Zealand is enjoyed.

The aim of Salam New Zealand is to provide tour packages to suit the customers. We have standard packages and offer custom tailor made tour packages, according to customers’ request, destination and budgets. We hope that the traveller enjoys New Zealand at their own leisure pace in order to make their stay relaxing.

Our services are offered to both Muslims and non-Muslims, although we specialise in providing halāl packages and tours. So what does halāl mean? Well what that means is that we screen through the packages and tours we offer to ensure that they are permissible by Islamic laws. This to ensure that the Muslim traveller can be relaxed with the peace of mind that all the food, activities and places are Muslims friendly (which in a nutshell means that there will be no serving of pork or alcohol and the meat will be halāl , women swimming areas will be separate from men, no gambling area nearby (like casinos), away from the red-light district, etc.

@ Salam New Zealand, we specialise in providing tours that cater for halāl food, halāl hotels and other halāl accommodation, ensure modesty for men and women at activities (like the beach) and provide places for prayer at appropriate times.

So please contact us using the link here -> Contact Us